News Feed – Township of Domestic Parts: Made In Taiwan

How to Transform Architecture Into Typography

View | 2014.08.06

Architecture is increasingly intertwined with graphic design, whether through signs, branding, or the thumbnail-scale design of buildings meant to be read on the screen. Sometimes the relationship is so robust that an entire graphic identity is inspired by an architectural project

A Look Into Jimenez Lai’s “Urban Interior” for Taiwan’s Pavilion in the 2014 Venice Biennale

View | 2014.06.11

Jimenez Lai, leader of Bureau Spectacular and curator of Taiwan’s Pavilion for the 2014 Venice Biennale, claims that “domesticity is possibly one of the origins of architecture” and that “the standardization of the domestic program was…a very modern development.” Thus, Lai built nine single-program houses within the Palazzo della Prigioni, each dedicated to one specific domestic act–such as sleeping, eating, sleeping, etc. The result is a vibrant, colorful response to Rem Koolhaas’ unifying theme: “Absorbing Modernity.”


View | 2014.06.10

The Taiwanese American architect Jimenez Lai examined the spaces and rituals of Taiwanese life with his exhibition Township of Domestic Parts. Lai created “superfurniture,” overscaled, Memphis-inflected installations that interpreted ideas such as museum-like living rooms—part shrine, part show place, reserved only for guests. The result is a fantasy hangout space, which conjures up memories of childhood.

House of Imagination: Jimenez Lai Takes on Taiwan

View | 2014.06.10

Chicago-based architect Jimenez Lai is a UIC professor and principal of Bureau Spectacular. This summer he debuts a pavilion for Taiwan (he was born there but grew up in Toronto) at the Venice Architecture Biennale, a prestigious international competition, opening on June 7. For Venice, Lai imagined nine new habitats installed inside Venice’s Palazzo delle Prigioni, a prison palace famed for its Bridge of Sighs. Lai’s “Township of Domestic Parts” nods to “The Little Prince” and its single-use planets, as visitors can hop among these structures, called “superfurniture,” to experience the particularities of Taiwanese life and culture, as redesigned by Lai. The architect recently gave Newcity a walk-through of several of his re-imagined houses.

Venice Architecture Biennale 2014 preview: the top 25 exhibitions to visit

View | 2014.05.29

Taking its cue from the idea of 'domesticity' in the Taiwanese context, this exhibition will feature structures that are too small to be architecture and too large to be furniture. Designed by Jimenez Lai of Chicago practice Bureau Spectacular, the nine 'superfurnitures' will form an interior of diverse parts, which visitors are invited to explore. Each of these will represent different patterns of domesticity, named, for example, House of Sleep, House of Pleasure and House of Work.

Township of Domestic Parts: Made in Taiwan

View | 2014.05.25

Event Township of Domestic Parts: Made in Taiwan in 2014 is the up-and-coming architect, Jimenez Lai. Lai’s proposal of Township of Domestic Parts: Made in Taiwan is a collection of nine small houses, each with a single program. Scattered inside the Palazzo delle Prigioni, it forms an interior township of misfit parts and is open for the audience to freely wander within. Lai has built his proposal using the “domestic diagram” as a fundamental base for architecture and to be used schematically for the analysis and organization of commonplace architectural functions. In addition to the investigation of the eating, sleeping, and entertainment patterns of the Taiwanese people, the exhibition also probes further at the underlying physiological behaviors, social interactions, spiritual beliefs, and other aspects pertaining to those “domestic functions”. The experience of this exhibition is not dissimilar from the world-to-world journeys of Le Petit Prince, with the private diagram of domesticity inverted as public. As the nine small houses form an “interior urbanism”, an explanation is also provided for the comprehensively developed interpretation for narrow passageways resulting from Taiwan’s growth amid its densely populated environment.

Venice Biennale 2014: Jimenez Lai to Construct Taiwanese “Township of Domestic Parts”

View | 2014.05.18

Taiwan-born architect Jimenez Lai’s proposal Township of Domestic Parts: Made in Taiwan has been selected to represent Taiwan in the 2014 Venice Architecture Biennale. Scattered throughout the Palazzo delle Prigioni, the installation will be comprised of nine small house, each with a single program, that will make up an “interior township of misfit parts.”